padamu PENILAI HATI aku C.I.N.T.A. DIA

padamu PENILAI HATI aku C.I.N.T.A. DIA

Sunday, December 26, 2010

M I S S Y.O.U.

I missed the relationship that i used to have with him. We're not apart, we're still together. But somehow we're drifting apart.He's there, but sometimes feels like his mind and soul was not there with me.

He said that he never changed, but i really do feel a bit DIFFERENT when we text, calls or even when we met...strange, isn't it?

How i really wish that we could be like the way we used to be. How i wish that he could make me falls for him every day, every secs..



relevant kah???

sekarang atau nanti ???

berbaloi atau tidak ???